BestQuest® Testimonials

"As a result of implementing Algebra'scool into our curriculum, we have seen a tremendous improvement in our students' standardized test scores."
-Michele Lavelle, Kirby Smith Middle School, Jacksonville, Florida

"Dodge City High School has been using the Algebra'scool program for the past year and a half. We have used it in two different ways. First, I used it in our summer school setting. Students appreciated hearing a voice different than my own for part of each day! Second, we use it as supplemental materials in our year-long Algebra I classes. The lessons do a great job of walking students step by step through the problems! Both students who are auditory and visual enjoy the lessons because they use different voices and are colorful! I especially love the Frogan's Heroes segments. Students begin to understand that algebra is all around them! If you are struggling with finding yet another way to present the basics of Algebra I, Algebra'scool is a great tool!."
-Bonnie Austin, Math Instructional Coach, Dodge City High School, Dodge City KS

"When this program was first presented to us, I did not approve of the program since we already had ALEKS and Riverdeep computer programs. Once I set it up and began to use the program, my opinion began to change. My students are low-level learners with very short attention spans. When the program was presented, Math'scool got their attention. It is great for introductions and supplementation. My students agree that the program is cool and is worth the time we spend using it. That is the best endorsement the program can receive."
-Tom Dwiggins, Math Teacher, Highland West Jr. High School, OK

"...I incorporate the program to give additional/visual instructional tools... the students do get a kick out of some of the corny humor...I use the DVDs to supplement what I have already taught...especially for material that is much more difficult."
-Joe Wilson, Bentonville (AR) High School Geometry Teacher

"We have used the Algebra'scool program for the past two years in our 90-minute traditional Algebra I and special education classes. Those students who are receiving homebound instruction and students with excessive absenteeism have also benefited from the program. The materials have been used for instruction, remediation, and general review of the Algebra I curriculum and the Tennessee Gateway test objectives. The note taking component and worksheets help the students to stay organized, the videos address the more visual learner, and the DVD allows us to stop the lesson to focus on more difficult parts of the curriculum.

We have used the Algebra'scool program in large group settings, small heterogeneous and homogeneous learning communities, and for individual, focused instruction. In all three settings, we have found the students to be engaged and entertained. We like the flexibility of the program and the opportunity for independent and group practice problems, but, more importantly, we like the fact that the students are able to privately re-examine concepts for optimal understanding. As educators, we appreciate the fact that the curriculum is not watered down but is rigorous and requires higher order thinking skills, the material is presented in sections that are easily understood, and transparent assessments are built into the program.

We would highly recommend the Algebra'scool program to all mathematics teachers due to the fact that the Algebra I curriculum is addressed with clear explanation in small doses, the program uses humor and characters to engage and motivate the teenage learner, and all learning styles are addressed with its multi-sensory approach. -Instructional team at Austin-East Magnet High School in the Knox County School District (Carol Allen, Mathematics Teacher; Jannice G. Clark, Mathematics Instructional Coach; Tawanda Tucker, Comprehensive Education Teacher)

"I just wanted to let you know how well our students at Lincoln Middle School are doing since we've incorporated Math'scool into our curriculum. My students have improved remarkably especially with the integer lessons since I have started using the Math'scool module 3 to assist me with teaching integers. The students love the DVD and the notes. They feel like the notes help them get organized and the set-up of the notes worksheet helps them not to miss valuable skills. But, most of all they truly enjoy the video. The students said the video helps them to visually see how to do the problems and helps them understand why the answers are what they are. From the teaching perspective, this is the first time in my 9 years of teaching I have heard and seen students excited about sharing the skills and strategies they are using with their lessons. Thanks so much for exposing us to a wonderful program."
-Yvette Williams, Lincoln Middle School, Pontiac, Michigan

"The program is great! We used it for a group of Algebra students who were having trouble factoring. The scores jumped about 30% after watching the video one time. I love the program."
- Mr. Wayne Basinger, Algebra Teacher, Cleveland High School, Reseda CA

"I am having so much fun with these programs! I love that I can stop the video and point to things on the screen and discuss it and not write on the board. Also, the students are actually watching. You could have heard a pin drop when they were watching the first Algebra lesson on sets. My students are totally digging this stuff-I have never had so many students "get it" like this! I love it!!"
- Ms. Jennifer Budmark, Algebra Teacher, Center Unified School District, Antelope CA

"The greatest advantage for adult education with this program is the "flex-ability". Students who attempt to return to school to acquire a high school diploma face many responsiblities within their lives which impinge upon their classroom attendance. Once students get the hang of the program, the guided notes and practice which, once done with the DVD and masters, they are able to get on with the independent and additional practice problems with personal guidance and encouragement."
- Ms. Donna Martin, Adult Education, Fremont CA

"Thanks for the excellent professional development. We really got a lot out of your Algebra'scool overview. I incorporate Algebra' scool into my English Learner's curriculum as one of my Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE) strategies. The kids love it! They can move through a particular lesson at their own pace and repeat an explanation until they gain understanding.;
- Mr. Zan Mason, Central Juvenile Hall School, Los Angeles CA

"Thank you so much for yesterday's in-service at Colonel Middle School. The product sounds like it is going to be a great investment. I could not wait to try it out so I went home last night and rewrote my lesson plan for my pre-algebra class this morning. We used Math'scool as a warm-up and the students finally grasped the concept of changing fractions into decimals."
- Ms. Erin Spiering, Caroline County Public Schools, Federalsburg MD

"[The in-service]... was one of the best workshops that I have attended in 20 years of teaching."
- Ms. Pamela Tucker, McKinley Tech High School, Washington DC

"I really like the Algebra'scool program. It is extremely helpful for the more difficult concepts such as slope because it goes into detail. I like that I can stop the program at anytime and put in my two cents. It is also goes into more detail should you need the concept explained more. It will be useful for two step problems which are difficult for my students. I think it is a wonderful supplemental program for those students that can not get the concept auditorily...such great visuals and in slow motion, so easy to see, hear, and understand."
- Lorraine Andersen, Irvington H.S. Fremont Unified School District, CA

"Algebra’scool presents the same concepts found in our textbooks at a rigor we respect with animation and graphics that help pull in the kids who struggle with mathematics.  We have found that students learn best when they are highly engaged in an activity – Algebra’scool presents rigorous algebra concepts in a fun and interesting manner that gives that appeal to teenagers. Teachers have complete control over the pace of each lesson. Skills are presented in small chunks, and chunking is consistent with brain research about how students are best able to absorb and retain information. Frequent checking for understanding is built into the Algebra’scool program supporting research on the value and use of formative assessment to increase student learning and improve engagement. This is one form of technology that isn’t affected by the internet, computers or their shortcomings, but carries a similar high interest to students like Saturday morning cartoons.  How do we make learning algebra fun? Ask Mr. Frogan or one of his students: they’d be happy to tell you."
- Educator, San Juan Unified School District, Fair Oaks, CA

"Last year was my first year teaching algebra. I was very nervous about teaching the subject matter, and only had a textbook to go by. From August to December I taught from a textbook. The students and I both were very frustrated due to the fast-paced textbook material. After Christmas, I began the new semester with Algebra'scool, which my district purchased for our school. The program was very thorough and organized, even going so far as to list the objectives for our state with the lessons. The students loved the slower-paced lessons and the systematic approach. The DVD is wonderful since it helps to keep the students' attention, while allowing me to monitor their understanding and progress. At the end of the year, my students' Algebra I State Test score mean was 30 points higher than the previous year's score. (An achievement increase of 6%) My district had performed a study that predicted what each child should make on the algebra test in correlation with what they scored on the previous year's Mississippi Curriculum Test. Nearly every student scored well above what was projected. I owe this success to the full implementation of Algebra'scool in my classroom, and I can't wait to try out the new Math'scool next year!"
- Sandy Shivers, Math Teacher, Richland Middle School, Rankin County School District, Richland, MS

"Algebra'scool has been an excellent supplement to our computerized curriculum. We purchased the network version of this program, and students have truly benefited from having a second approach to learning mathematics. Because the content is already aligned to state standards, it was not difficult to develop a crosswalk between our existing curriculum and Algebra'scool. Its engaging, comedic, and comprehensive format makes this a great learning tool at any school!"
- Alberto Araujo, M.Ed, Curriculum Specialist, Rose Management Group, Inc., Tucson, AZ

"As a classroom teacher, I am always trying to find ways to keep the interest of my students. Algebra'scool is a great resource and helps in many ways. I have used it for students who have been absent and I have used it to re-teach a concept that students have not mastered. It has also been useful on days I needed a substitute. I had a substitute use it for the lesson on a day I was absent and it was great for classroom management. The substitute thanked me for leaving a tool that was useful, filled the time slot, and gave direction for students. With the ease of the remote system, any person could be in charge. Thanks to Algebra'scool, I have been able to reach students a little differently and help those who have missed key concepts."
- Shawn Neal, Visalia Unified School District, Visalia, CA

"I found a new reason to love Algebra'scool today. I have bronchitis and laryngitis but I could not get a sub (holiday week). Usually, my students and I are very interactive with the DVD even making stops other than just at the red dots. However, today I was able to at least give my students some instruction even though I could not talk. No day lost, no busy work! Thanks!"
- Mrs. Crissy Lambert, Math Teacher, Cranford Burns Middle School, Mobile, AL

"I have not found a better algebra supplement than Algebra'scool. I have used it in both geometry and Algebra II classes as a review. Algebra'scool has so many uses from introduction of a topic to remediation. It can be used with a whole class, with groups, or to help individuals get caught up. The kids get a good laugh and actually start to enjoy math. I can't recommend it highly enough."
- Robin Meyer, Northwest School for the Arts, Charlotte, NC

"One advantage of this program is its packaging - a set in a school can be used by many teachers because they will not all be 'on the same page' on any given day, no matter how detailed the curricular instructional guidelines. Even partial use of the program seems to push teachers toward a more organized and systematic presentation of algebra concepts. Good texts do this, too, but Algebra'scool has the advantage of focusing class attention."
- Andy Wight, Math Teacher, New Haven, CT

MultiMedia Schools - A Practical Journal of Technology for Education March/April 2003 issue

"The program has been a hit so far at my school. A couple of the teachers have presented it to their classes, and the students were just in awe of how interesting Algebra I can be!"
- Ms. Tamala Boyd, Vice-Principal, White Station High School, Memphis, TN

"I am very pleased with Algebra'scool. I love its ease of navigation and customization to my specific curriculum standards. Its multi-sensory approach and clear explanations teach students lessons in ways that I (even with a decade of algebra teaching experience) simply cannot. The thing that I think I like the most is way its quirky sense of humor motivates and engages students. Thanks again for the best algebraic teaching aid I've ever used."
- Mr. Jerry Jerabek, Assistant Principal, Frenship Junior High School, Lubbock, TX

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to review your algebra unit, Algebra'scool Unit A. I found it to be a very useful teaching tool. I personally have reviewed many software packages dealing with this curriculum and must say yours is among the best, if not the best that I have previewed."
- James R. Ferguson, Finley Middle School, Finleyville, PA

"One new product I'm especially impressed with is Algebra'scool. Using sight, sound and touch to explore abstract concepts, the program makes it easy for the teacher to pace or individualize instruction. Best of all, because a DVD player and a TV monitor are the only hardware required, the teacher has easy access to classroom technology without ever leaving the room."
- Ms. Charlene F. Gaynor, Executive Director of The Association of Educational Publishers

"I was very impressed with Algebra'scool! It was entertaining and held my interest with its combination of sounds and animation. It was definitely in my top ten!"
- Mr. Wayne Hartschuh, Executive Director, Delaware Center for Education Technology

"Not only are my algebra teachers enjoying Algebra'scool, my teachers showed Algebra'scool to the parents at Open House and they loved it, too. We loved the first draft of Math'scool and will be happy to be your first customer. Let me know and don't forget about me."
- Mrs. Dana Kriznar, Principal, Jacksonville, FL

"Algebra'scool is an excellent program, the perfect total replacement to traditional textbook curriculum."
- Ms. Florida Cowley, Master Teacher and Math Team Leader, Inner-City St. Louis Middle School

"I was surprised how quickly the students adjusted to Algebra'scool. Normally class moves much slower than this. Algebra'scool frees me to walk around the class and check for understanding."
- Ms. Liza Safier, Math Teacher and Math Team Leader, Maryland Middle School

"I like that they break down the math problems into steps. Class seems more interesting because there are different voices, not just the teacher's."
- Student

"I like how the characters explain the equations."
- Student

"I like the fact that it is different from what I have ever done to learn math."
- Student

"It has characters and music in it which generate more interest into what is being shown."
- Student

"I like Algebra'scool because it is funny and I learn at the same time."
- Student

"I like the way that they really explain what they are showing us."
- Student