BestQuest provides a variety of options for content delivery of the Algebra'scool and Math'scool programs:

For a printable (PDF) version of the Algebra'scool and Math'scool content delivery options, along with pricing, click here.

SAFARI Montage®Digital Curriculum Management System

The SAFARI Montage system is the award-winning Video-On-Demand and Digital Media Management enterprise solution for school districts that is designed to facilitate visual instruction and learning in the classroom. SAFARI Montage servers come preloaded with high quality educational video content; the servers also allow districts to easily upload and manage their own video content. The BestQuest programs, Algebra'scool and Math'scool, are premium content packages that can be added to the content library of the SAFARI server. BestQuest program subscriptions are contingent upon a district's acceptance of a Digital Content License Agreement with Library Video Company.

  • Technology requirements: Safari Montage Video on Demand Server A host of SAFARI Montage server options are available for straightforward school installations as well as complex district-wide installations. Both tower and rack mount models are available with 4 bays for a plug & play building solution. For larger schools, rack mount servers are available in both 8-bay and 10-bay configurations. The WAN-1000 is a high-performance, ultra-fast backbone server for district or wide-area-network installations. Servers come pre-loaded with core content and can be easily loaded with additional content due to the open-bay structure. All servers are fully compatible with most standard network configurations.
  • Technology supported: provided by SAFARI Montage
  • Professional Development: provided by BestQuest; custom designed and priced