Founded by educators dedicated to helping teachers teach and students learn

BestQuest Teaching Systems® is the leader in the creation and distribution of DVD-based learning for middle and high school students.


January 2001
Headquarters: Little Rock, Arkansas
Web site:


Joe Irby, M.Ed., Founder and Managing Partner
Scottie Glasgow, Ed.D.
Patricia Killingsworth, M.Ed.
Cynthia Miller, Ph.D.
Lynne Marie Becker, M.A. (Mathematics)

Company Information:

Founded in January 2001, BestQuest Teaching Systems® is a privately held company whose mission is to help students learn and help teachers teach, by creating and distributing engaging learning programs on DVD.

BestQuest's primary goal is to support math educators with instructional systems for middle and high school students that engage students' senses and arouse their interest, thereby promoting life-long learning. We want to impress upon students the importance of mathematics and open doors to advanced degrees and rewarding careers.

BestQuest, creator of Algebra'scool® and Math'scool®, has developed supplemental DVD-based curricula that students enjoy, and it meets all your high standards for quality education!

BestQuest Teaching Systems are designed to:

  • improve test scores
  • reach all students, even those who are struggling
  • improve schools' and students' competitive edge
  • teach students in a way that engages their senses and arouses their interest, thereby promoting life-long learning
  • meet your high standards in a motivated learning environment that is fun and engaging